Couple Rings

Couple Rings

Couple rings also known as Promise rings are often referred to any rings exchanged between couples. It symbolizes love and commitment.

When to Exchange Couple Rings?

Couple rings can be worn at any point during a relationship. Not all couples are ready for marriage and this doesn't mean they aren't committed and faithful to one another. In these situations, exchanging rings is a good option to symbolize their commitment. It is the first step toward a serious relationship, promising to be faithful and committed to the relationship. It also symbolizes a promise to love someone forever.

Which Finger do you wear the Couple Rings?

Many couples like to wear the ring on the ring finger while some prefer the middle finger. We have seen some wearing the ring on the middle or 4th finger normally on the right hand. Lately, we have seen an increase in people wearing the ring as a necklace around their neck. 

Couples who marry will often switch their promise ring from their left hand to their right hand after their wedding. However, the choice is really personal and subject to your preference.

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How is it Different from an Engagement ring?

While 'couple rings' can take on several different meanings, the engagement ring only means one thing. You give someone an engagement ring when you are ready for marriage. Engagement rings are many times used during a proposal to the one you love. If she says Yes to your proposal, she will wear the ring on the ring finger of her left hand. This also means that you are now engaged and ready to be married.

For Marriage

The rings can also be worn as wedding bands. Wedding band designs are really suitable for all occasion. In fact, they are the same. A bride and groom normally exchange the rings during their wedding ceremony. They will place the ring on each other's fourth finger of the left hand, after saying their wedding vows. 

Other Reasons for Getting a Couple Rings:

  • You want to show how important and how much you love each other. 
  • You want to show your commitment to each other. 
  • You may be in a long-distance relationship and want to let the other half know that you are still fully committed to the relationship and to each other.
  • The ring can also commemorate a milestone in your relationship. 


Engraving on the ring or not? 

Almost all the people we know who bought the rings have some form of engraving. It could be the name of the other half and a special date like when they first met or an anniversary. 


The price need not be expensive. As long as you can find a pair that both of you like. Getting a piece of jewellery today is a lot easier and fuss-free. We carry a lot of affordable jewellery made of good metal on our site. Online shopping today is a breeze.

In Summary:

It is a special and important moment for you. You can give at any point during a relationship. As long as you are ready! It is just a visible sign of your commitment to the relationship.

We do encourage couples to exchange with each other what it means to them. This can add significance to the whole meaning of the rings. Tell each other what rings mean to you and let the other half know that you love and cherish the relationship. 

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