Engagement Rings

Engagement Rings

So you are ready to get an engagement ring? You have found the perfect soulmate and ready to enter into the next phase of your life. Getting an engagement ring is both a sweet and meaningful journey. This article is all about what you need to know about engagement rings. Getting an engagement ring is a big deal. It is probably one of the most important events in your life. It is the start of a new chapter, another milestone. Therefore, we hope this article can help you in some ways or another. We will explore the difference between the engagement rings and the wedding bands.

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Differences Between Engagement Rings and Wedding Rings, also known as Wedding Bands?

You will almost immediately be able to tell the two apart by the way they look. Engagement rings are more feminine and most of the times come with a centre stone. The engagement ring can be a simple solitaire by itself or with smaller stones surrounding the main stones.

Wedding bands, on the other hand, are simpler and comes in pairs. Wedding bands can be worn with the engagement ring which is a popular choice for ladies for many decades. Engagement rings are usually used for marriage proposals. The man will pick out the engagement ring secretly and used it to propose to his bride-to-be. This also means that this is the first time the lady will be seeing the engagement ring. Proposals (and the engagement rings), after all, are meant as a surprise.

Wedding bands, however, are mostly chosen and bought together. An engagement ring is meant as a surprise therefore it is chosen ahead of time.

Another difference between the engagement rings and the wedding bands is the meaning behind the rings. An engagement ring shows an intention to marry and the wedding bands symbolizes a commitment to the marriage and togetherness.

Engagement Rings

In what ways are Engagement Rings similar to Wedding Bands?

A lot of people today are wearing both the engagement rings and the wedding bands together. Both rings are normally worn on the left ring finger. The wedding band is normally worn under the engagement ring. This applies to the ladies. However, men will choose to only wear the wedding band as it is simpler and less fancy.

Regardless of how different they look, both the engagement rings and the wedding bands mean the same thing and that is to symbolize the love and commitment towards the marriage. To always love unconditionally, always remain faithful and supportive of each other. They are exchanged during the marriage ceremony.

When is the right time to buy your wedding bands?

Please, please, please start shopping early.

We cannot emphasize this enough. We understand that the loads of thingsto deal with for your wedding, you can be extremely overwhelmed. However, it is just as important, if not more important to get a wedding band that both of you like. After all, you will be wearing the rings for many years to come. Please do not wait until the very last minute to get your wedding bands. The last thing we want is to compromise on the price, style or quality. It is such a symbolic piece of jewellery that we want to be able to choose and select the rings we want. The rings represent your love, we want you to choose a pair that can withstand the test of time. Besides the style and price, durability is equally important. We do recommend getting Tungsten wedding bands for their durability and lasting qualities. You can read more about Tungsten rings here https://www.tiara.com.sg/pages/about-tungsten-jewelry

Wedding Bands

How much should you spend on your wedding bands and engagement rings?

There are no hard and fast rules. It is based on an individual's preference and budget. Gone are the days where we have to spend thousands of dollars on the rings. We believe in the long term rather than in the moment. The price tags do not define you or your love. Purchase what you are comfortable with and stay in love with each other for the longest time.

When do you wear your engagement ring?

Traditionally, brides will switch their engagement rings to the third finger on your right hand and during the ceremony, the groom will place the wedding band on your left-hand ring finger.

Why do some couples not wear their wedding bands?

Not all married couples wear their wedding bands religiously. It could be due to the nature of their job or for whatever reasons they may have. We think it is fine as well as long as the couple agrees among themselves.

Who should be buying (and paying) for the wedding bands?

There are many versions to this claim. Over the last decades, the wedding bands has been said to be bought mostly by the groom. However, to-date this tradition has not been practiced. Couples are coming together to choose what they both like. We have seen couples splitting the costs. While for some couples, the bride will pay for the groom's ring and the groom will pay for the bride's. We think whichever way is fine as long as it is communicated and agreed upon by both the groom and the bride.

Like in all marriages, communication is key. The same goes for choosing wedding bands.

Exchanging the Wedding Rings

One thing that remains unchanged for decades is perhaps exchanging of the wedding bands. It can be traced back to ancient times. It is believed that about 5000 years ago, ancient Egyptians are the first to exchange rings made of leather. They saw the ring and its shape to be a meaningful and powerful object. The band represents all things eternal especially life and love because it has a never-ending shape. The vein that runs from the heart to our fourth finger (left hand) is also known as the vein of love.

Before wedding rings became what it is today, wedding rings are made of hemp or leather. It was until much later that rings were crafted out of metal.

Who exchanges ring first during the ceremony?

In any traditional wedding ceremony, we first exchanged vows followed by the exchange of rings. The groom will usually put on the ring for his bride first.

How do we choose the right rings?

There are many different designs, materials and price range for the engagement ring and wedding rings today. The options are plenty. The many different styles today let the bride and groom express their individuality through the rings. Choose one that suits your budget, style and lifestyle.

Do you wear your engagement ring when you walk down the aisle?

Yes, brides normally wear her engagement ring as she walks down the aisle. It is normally worn on her right ring finger.

Engagement or wedding ring first?

The wedding band is placed on the bride's left hand at the ceremony. When the ceremony ends, the engagement ring is then switched to the bride's left hand, to be worn above the wedding band.

Do couples pick engagement rings together?

Not if it is meant as a surprise proposal for the bride-to-be. However, we do see more and more ladies choosing their engagement rings on our site. Their rationale is simple. It is such an important ring. They rather choose it themselves and to select something that they like and will wear for the longest time. Because style is really personal, we do encourage the brides-to-be to select one that they like.

Should we get matching wedding bands?

Again, this is a Yes and No answer. Because wedding bands are very personal, there's really no one size fits all rule when choosing your wedding bands. While many couples would rather wear matching bands, we are also seeing more and more couples who choose totally different designs for the bands. It is really about finding what you love and what represents you.

Engraving the rings

Engravings are commonly known as 'Message of Love'. It is one of the best ways to personalise your rings. You can engrave whatever is meaningful to you. Some examples include wedding dates, names, initial, a favourite quote or a short message. Most engravings are done on the inner of the ring. This will not affect the designs and styles of the rings.

During the Middles Ages, rings were engraved with bits of poetry. That is as romantic as it can be. We do encourage couples to engrave their wedding bands and engagement rings. It is your private declaration of love to each other, a powerful hidden message. Make your rings count!

It's meant as a surprise so how do I guess my partner's ring size?

The easier is probably to get her current ring and measure against a ring chart. You can find the ring size chart here https://www.tiara.com.sg/pages/ring-size-reference

Mined diamond vs a lab-created diamond engagement ring?

With the fast advancement of technology, we are seeing scientists replicating the exact conditions that happened more than a billion years ago (below the ground) where real diamonds were first created. With today's advancement, we are seeing scientists taking a small mined seed crystal and grow it in enclosed chambers, infusing it with carbon gas. This helps the crystal seed grow into a diamond. Thus the lab-grown diamond is created. One very popular and sought-after lab-grown is cubic zirconia.

What is cubic zirconia?

We have seen an upward trend of buyers getting their rings fixed with cubic zirconia. So what exactly is cubic zirconia?

Cubic Zirconia (also known as CZ) is similar to a diamond with its brilliance and crystal clarity. It is created in a lab yet it dazzles with a brilliant sparkle like a diamond. Cubic zirconia is colourless, hard, and flawless and most cannot tell the difference between cubic zirconia and a diamond with naked eyes.

It looks so much like a diamond and is an affordable alternative to diamonds. It is clear and flawless enough to rate a "D" on the diamond scale for colour. Cubic zirconia started being produced in 1976 because of its diamond-like qualities and overall durability.

Is Cubic Zirconia a Diamond?

Cubic zirconia is not a diamond though it is difficult for the naked eye to tell the difference between a cubic zirconia and a diamond. Many people, unless they have a trained eye or a special instrument, cannot tell the difference between the two. It is a stone that is as brilliant as a diamond but much more affordable. It is almost as hard as diamond on the Mohs scale of hardness. Cubic zirconia is an 8.5 and a diamond is a 10.

What is the price of the Cubic Zirconia?

Compared to diamonds cubic zirconia is more affordable. However, today these stones can come in exceptionally high quality and be priced rather high. To determine the price of cubic zirconia, you would have to know what the carat weight is.

They are not priced nearly as high as diamonds, but they can be quite expensive. As with anything, some cubic zirconia stones are better than others, and the only real way that it can be distinguished is through a jeweller’s loupe (a magnifier).


Cubic zirconia is easy to care for and requires little effort to maintain. Avoid rough handling and store items of jewellery separately to avoid scratches. Wash gently in lukewarm soapy water.

Different Engagement Ring Cuts and What They Stand For

Are you aware that there are different meanings to different cuts of an engagement ring? Let's take a look at the different shapes and what they stand for.

Round Cut - If you prefer the classic look and timeless style, the round cut is for you. The round cut will last for many years to come and even through generations. It also gives off maximum shine and sparkle.

Princess-Cut - The princess-cut stone has a square surface. For maximum sparkle with a modern design, you can choose the princess-cut stone. Princess-cut stones normally look bigger than their actual size.

Emerald-Cut - The emerald-cut stone is sophisticated and classy.

Cushion-Cut - A lot of people finds the cushion cut stone fashionable with a twist. It has a subtle look but yet remains elegant and classy. This cut gives off lots of sparkles too.

Oval-Cut - We have seen increased numbers looking for the oval-cut stone. It stands for being trendy at the forefront but still preserving the elegant aura.

Pear-Cut - Largely known as the tear-shape stone, the pear-cut stone stands for decisiveness and independence.

Marquise-Cut - Perhaps one of the most elegant shaped, the Marquise-Cut is highly sought after by women who wants an understated yet expensive look. When worn, it can actually make our hands seem longer and slimmer.

Radiant Cut - The radiant-cut eludes a lot of brilliance and sparkle. We have seen younger women opting for the radiant-cut and they are normally outgoing and independent. The light-reflecting stones make it dazzles wherever it goes.

Asscher Cut - This cut is probably the antique heirloom of all cuts. It eludes an old classic aura. It has been called the vintage stone or the antique and are sought-after by those who appreciate the more retro look. This is an understated cut which is extremely elegant.

Heart Ring Cut - We all love the heart-shaped stone. It is the sweetest and comes with a girlish charm.