Alphabet necklace

Alphabet necklace

Alphabet necklace

The necklaces in the Alphabet necklace Collection were designed to complement both a whimsical and classic look, and are made up of both silver and stainless steel. Whether you are wearing it alone or layering it with other necklaces, you are sure to create a look that is uniquely you!

Where do Alphabet necklaces originated from?

Although initial jewelry is not known to have originated, examples of jewelry dating back to the 14th and 15th centuries offer a glimpse into its predecessors. A customized letter initial necklace made a meaningful statement hundreds of years ago, just as it does today. Here is a quick guide on how to wear monogrammed and letter initial jewelry, whether you are buying for yourself or for someone special.


Monogram necklaces and Alphabet necklaces are a favorite among celebrities

Monogram necklaces may have been worn by celebrities both famous and not. Among the celebrities who wear personalized letter initial necklaces are Miley Cyrus, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Taylor Swift. Other celebrities who have been seen wearing monogram jewelry include Carrie Underwood, Tori Spelling, Mischa Barton, and Marcia Cross.


Symbolic meanings of initials: Alphabet necklaces

Personalized letter necklaces are a great idea when it comes to representing how you feel about people or things you care about. Most people choose to use a name that begins with their first name or their spouse's first name, a name that begins with their family name, or a name that begins with their child's first letter. If you would like to represent more children, grandchildren, siblings or others, you can hang several initial pendants with birthstones on a single chain.

Customized angel wing necklaces may be used to honour a spiritual connection or to remember a deceased loved one. With an infinity necklace, the initials of a loved one can symbolize a bond, while a Hamsa necklace symbolizes Divine protection.

There are many meanings associated with jewelry initials! There is no right or wrong way to choose your meanings.

Monogram necklaces: how to wear them

There are many ways to wear a personalized letter initial necklace. Choosing your signature piece from among a variety of necklaces is an excellent idea. Any skin tone can be complemented by silver and gold jewelry.

Mix things up by layering monogram and Alphabet necklaces. You can create an attractive and trendy look by wearing a bar necklace and an initial necklace together. When layering necklaces, make sure you wear them with different chain lengths so that you layer one initial over another. A sideways initial necklace can add another level of interest. Whether you choose to wear them separately or together is up to you!

Letter initial necklaces are a great gift option for anyone, whether it's for yourself or someone close to you. Monogrammed jewelry never goes out of style due to its timeless appeal and trendy appeal, and because of its unique meaning, it is truly exceptional.

How did initial Alphabet necklaces first come about?

A monogram necklace designed with your initials is one of the most trendy ways to incorporate monograms into today's fashion trends. Initial jewelry is experiencing a revival thanks to the current craze. Despite monograms being one of the earliest forms of identification, found on Roman coins bearing the initials of its rulers, the tradition of can be traced back to the beginning of time when they were one of the earliest forms of ornamentation on jewellery. It has previously been reported that coins from ancient Greek cities were found to be marked with the same initials as the coins used in Japan, as this allowed us to identify the ruler of a region from which the currency originated very long time ago.

Engraving initials on to things is a tradition that goes back centuries. The skill of engraving can be traced all the way back to ancient times, where it was used as an art form and decoration for stone buildings in early civilizations like Egypt.


Monograms and Alphabet necklaces have different meanings depending on their context

In Greek, the word monogram means "a single symbol composed of two or more letters interwoven, often an abbreviation of a name. ", and derives from two words "monos", meaning single and "grams", meaning letters, respectively. Monograms during the Victorian era were traditionally made up of three letters, but sooner or later started with two letters. Over time, monograms became a form of identification beyond coinage, with monograms adorning their tablecloths, armour, and other belongings, instead of appearing on coinage.

Monograms engraved by hand beautifully were a popular practice in Victorian times. The monogram was often used by Victorian aristocrats as a symbol of their social status. It was during this time that strict standards for monogram forms emerged. Monograms have a very long history and are closely related to royals and aristocrats, but have remained popular throughout history due to their simplicity and added beauty and elegance.


One way to brand oneself is through identity branding with an Alphabet necklace

A timeless piece of jewellery is a great addition to any jewelry collection, and it's sure to be one of your go-to necklaces and bracelets for day and night. Beautiful and sophisticated, this piece is simple yet elegant.


A beautiful gift for the special person in your life

Gifts engraved with initials are sentimental gifts for those who are very special to you. You can personalise your necklace or bracelet in a number of ways with our Initial Jewellery collection. When you are looking for a piece where one initial can be engraved by hand, the Initial Necklace and Bracelet is an excellent choice. The Initial Necklace is one of our top sellers, and it is designed to keep the recipient of the gift smiling throughout the day. Add a precious gemstone to your initial jewellery to make it even more special; you could choose a diamond, symbolizing eternal love or a birthstone to make it more personal. You can learn more about the meaning, stories, myths and legends behind each month's gemstone on our blog to narrow down your choice while further personalizing it.


Are you unsure which initials to choose?

You could make her day as well as her whole year with the Double Initial Necklace. Below are some examples of scrolled initials you could have hand engraved on the disc. Inscribe the initials of her full name on the necklace, making it all about her.

Maybe you'd like to honor a relationship between the two of you. It could be friendship, siblingship, marriage or best friendship. Getting your initials engraved twice is a great idea.

Choosing what initials to use can prove challenging, but the entwined initials on one disc creates a feeling of togetherness throughout a lifetime.

Personalized jewelry is a great way to show your loved ones how much you appreciate them. Consider getting your parents', or siblings' initials engraved in the disc so you can wear them around your neck, regardless of how far apart you are. Your family is always close to your heart with this little souvenir.


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