What is a wedding band and engagement ring?

What is a wedding band and engagement ring?

Engagement Ring vs. Wedding Ring: What's the Difference?

Is your engagement ring different from your wedding ring? Do you need both? The following guide will guide you with what you need to know about your wedding jewelry.

Is it necessary to have both an engagement ring and wedding ring?

Congratulations! You and your partner picked the perfect engagement ring. But what do engagement rings really mean? Are you able to wear your engagement ring on your wedding finger instead? Also, may you wear your wedding rings on opposite fingers?

Would you really need a matching wedding band if you love your engagement ring so much? 

Here are some answers to the questions regarding engagement rings vs wedding rings once and for all.

The Difference Between Wedding Rings and Engagement Rings

Wedding rings and engagement rings both carry a great deal of significance. What's the difference between a wedding band and a wedding ring? An engagement ring is the ring that's given during the proposal. A wedding band is the wedding band that the couple exchanges during the wedding ceremony. 

The rings you choose should reflect your individual taste and style so that you can enjoy wearing them for a lifetime. 

Rings have always been a symbol of loyalty: classic signet rings were used to encrypt messages, stylized bands were used on club members, and others promised loyalty to a noble or lord.

Whenever you are involved in a romantic relationship, it is quite romantic to wear simulated diamond jewelry, which is not only beautiful to look at but also has a long history as well as modern symbolism.

These iconic wedding jewelry pieces, the wedding ring and the engagement ring, are equally easily identified. 

A wedding ring differs from an engagement ring in that an engagement ring is traditionally given at a proposal or when a couple’s marriage is finalized. An engagement or wedding ring is a symbol of a couple’s commitment and determination to be together as a couple. 

Different ways people wear their rings

However, some people may also choose to incorporate the wedding ring directly into their engagement ring.

The wedding ring symbolizes the official bond of marriage and is exchanged during the wedding ceremony. It is often customary for men and women to wear both rings to symbolize love and commitment. 

Usually, wedding rings are simpler, such as bands like rose gold or white gold with tiny diamonds. feature large diamonds and gemstones. Some brides choose a plain, pavé, or channel set band to complement their engagement ring.

Engagement rings need not be expensive

Engagement rings need not be diamond rings or expensive rings; they can be any ring. Wearing a style your partner enjoys most is the most important factor. 

Various engagement ring styles exist, from simple designs like the solitaire engagement ring. 

It is fine if the engagement ring is also the wedding ring, as some people do not buy a separate wedding ring. You can wear an engagement ring without a wedding band, after the ceremony, but it depends on your style.

There are bridal sets for you to choose from that includes a matching engagement ring and wedding band. These sets generally match metal colors and fit together seamlessly. 

It isn't uncommon for people to choose complementary rings separately, though. For example, the precious metal color colour and the way the rings fit together should be matched.

Wedding bands don't have to match your engagement ring

Wedding bands don't have to match your engagement ring, so you choose how well they complement each other. There are no rules and your spouse can wear his or her own ring, although it can match yours. For example, a bride may have yellow gold colour wedding bands, while the groom possesses a white gold colour wedding ring.

What is an engagement ring?

A woman traditionally receives an engagement ring at the time she is proposed to and is expected to wear it starting from the moment of the proposal. By wearing a ring, she'll be showing off her commitment and sincerity. 

These rings may vary a lot in terms of price and level of extravagance, but the most common type features a diamond or other gem set atop a band.

What is a wedding ring?

Wedding rings usually have a simple band with no center stone and are exchanged between partners during a wedding ceremony. Wedding bands are given to both partners during the ceremony, and they are worn on the fourth fingers of their left hands. 

As the wedding band is worn on the same finger as the engagement ring in a wedding ceremony, many brides choose to switch their engagement rings between hands during the ceremony and then place them back in the left hand once the ceremony is over so that they act as a stack.

The meanings behind the engagement ring and wedding ring

The practice of many men of many ages has been to buy an engagement ring to ask their lady's hand in marriage by giving her a nice ring in exchange for their fathers approval.

This marked the beginning of the marriage tradition of giving one's wife a ring as a symbol of wealth, which would appeal to both the man and wife and their families. Even though this idea is obvious to be outdated, family tradition has continued for generations.

It is not just ancient symbolism in rings that also add historical and spiritual meaning to their meaning. These rings also symbolize eternity, and the entrance into the ring leads to a future event. A ring represents never-ending love and commitment in place of all other emotions.

Do I need to wear both an engagement ring and wedding ring?

Traditionally, the engagement ring is more flashy and elaborate than the other ring, so most women wear it on the ring finger of their left hand. 

In addition to wearing their wedding bands underneath the engagement ring, many women also wear their wedding bands alone, while others choose to wear only one ring for both rings. 

Jewelry stores commonly offer a matching wedding and engagement ring set, so they look stylish when worn together. 

Nevertheless, this does not mean it is mandatory and anyone can choose to have them regardless of whether or not they wish to do so – just as long as you are willing and able to spend the money.

Men’s Wedding Bands

Grooms typically receive wedding bands of their choice on the wedding day. These grooms' bands are typically thicker in width than bridal wedding bands. Diamonds and jewels may be used in some men's wedding bands. The style of the band depends on the groom and what the groom prefers.

Engagement Ring Etiquette

Once you are married, tradition dictates that your wedding band be moved to the third finger of your left hand and your engagement ring must be placed next to the wedding ring. Your wedding ring will remain closest to your heart, as it was placed there on your wedding day.

It is, however, quite common to find women who go against the ring custom and instead choose to infuse their own style upon it. 

You should ensure that your ring is comfortable and that it is correctly sized, regardless of how you wear the ring.

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