Why 3 rings in a wedding band?

Why 3 rings in a wedding band?

The most memorable experience of your life will be your wedding day. Why not make that day as unique and as memorable as possible? An ideal way to accomplish that is to choose a three-band ring for you and your partner. There are three parts to a wedding band - the engagement ring, the wedding ring, and the eternity band. The trend of having 3 rings in a wedding band is picking up in Singapore wedding rings choices as well.

There are three bands in your wedding band—past, present, and future, representing the promise your marriage will endure forever. This jewellery style would be perfect for those who want to reflect all of these things in a single piece of jewellery.

Wedding bands have been used since ancient times to symbolize commitment within marriages. Symbolizing eternity, rings are also a sign that eternal love endures throughout time.

What do three rings symbolize?

The three rings in a wedding band could be used to represent the past, present, and future. 

In other words, you're committing to them for eternity. A ring of this type symbolizes a never-ending love between two individuals who are in a relationship together. 

Today, engagement rings are placed on the finger first in more modern times, while the wedding band is placed on top. Nowadays, most people place an engagement ring next to their ring or wear them separately.

It has traditionally been customary for women to wear their engagement and wedding bands on their left hands because that is where they wear their watch.

Rather than picking out three different pieces of jewelry to mix and match, if you are looking for an idea good for your own unique design or style, get all three rings that are the same colour or style so you can mix and match them easily.

What does a 3 band wedding ring mean?

Wedding rings with three bands are a symbol of togetherness. For couples who want to represent the love between them in a way that is both intimate and beautiful, the ring is a perfect choice. With a three-band ring, your vows will endure forever, and you can support each other through difficulties in life.

How do you wear a 3 piece wedding ring?

3 band wedding sets are beautiful symbols of affection and commitment. A symbol of eternity, the third band on the ring can be interpreted as a promise that your love will endure forever. In addition, it symbolizes two people merging their lives together through marriage. 

Wearing this kind of ring on the left hand is preferable since it is easier to wear, as it can be seen more clearly with your right eye, rather than crossing over things like shirt cuffs or sleeves (which is difficult for left-handed individuals).

What do multiple wedding bands mean?

Two people committed to each other for life wear 3 band wedding rings that represent strength, devotion, and unity.

The three-band wedding ring symbolizes love and commitment within a couple. The three bands they are holding represent the past, present and future. You and your spouse represented individually in the two outer bands, before becoming one in marriage. There is a thicker band without stones between these two rings, which symbolizes the bond that has been forged between you.

Wedding rings with 3 bands are becoming more popular with couples who want something different from traditional platinum or gold engagement rings. Their rings have been chosen to symbolize their relationship in an elegant way yet still, be unique enough to stand out when worn by others wearing a solitaire or pearl engagement ring.

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